Twins Crew - Judgement Night

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Release date: 2011
Style: Heavy metal


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01. Eternal Nights
02. Lucifer
03. Atlantis
04. We're Leaving Satan
05. Judgement Night
06. Light
07. Tales Of A Hero
08. My Heart Is Burning
09. Protectors Of The Sky
10. It's My Time
11. My Own Personal Hell

Staff review by
On the few occasions that I actually put a power metal album on, the first things I usually say to myself are, "Yeah, yeah. I get it. Those guitarists are skilled. They can sweep pick all fast like. I can't. Should I be curtsying for them or something? Do they want an award?"

Well, that isn't what I think when I listen to Twins Crew's Judgment Night. I think, "Shit. I believe I will curtsy for this." And that's because it's solid. And its Twins Crew's first full-length nonetheless, so a tip of the hat is in order for that too.

published 17.05.2011 | Comments (4)

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