Catacombe - Kinetic

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Release date: 10 December 2010
Style: Post-metal


5 have it

01. Grundsatz
02. Supernova
03. Anna-Liisa
04. Memoirs (Extended)
05. Cavalgada Épica
06. Mockba
07. Sequoia

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The problem with atmospheric/instrumental post-rock/metal is that the ethereal nature of the music often makes it enjoyable yet fleeting. Albums can come and go, be a pleasant experience, and yet still be kind of, uh, forgettable. It's the sonic equivalent of Chinese food… you consume it, you enjoy it, and maybe an hour later you find yourself hungry and go rummaging the fridge or cd collection for something a little more solid.

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19.05.2011 - 10:56
Rating: 9
The Benighted
I really enjoyed this. Definitely not anything innovative, but if you're a fan of Post-Rock/Metal then you'll love this.
Learn to adapt to the change, or get washed away like tears in the rain.
29.04.2012 - 06:20
Rating: 8
Au Pays Natal
I missed this, how in the hell did I miss this? It's not ground breaking but it can hold its own with most recent post metal releases.

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