The Death Of Money - You Are Loved

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Release date: December 2010
Style: Sludge metal, Post-Hardcore


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01. Held Hands
02. Enguelades
03. Missing Time
04. Truth
05. Maya Deren
06. New Bodily Functions
07. Tonality of Despair

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You Are Loved by The Death Of Her Money is a bit of a frustrating listen. From a review standpoint, it reminded me a lot of one I did two years ago for Buried Inside's Spoils Of Failure. Both were post-metal. Both have some good music going on. And both have vocals that annoy me to seemingly no end.

So, yeah, as mentioned above, The Death Of Her Money are post-metal in the Cult of Isis vein. Musically the band shows some promise, despite some inconsistencies. They have a decent vibe. In tracks like the opening to "Enguelades" the guitar goes up the neck a bit and adds in a little wah while the bassist and drummer hold the groove. Later in the track, more of the same... the backbone of the band hold Fort Groove while the guitarist hops around on some effects pedals to a cool segue.

published 25.05.2011 | Comments (6)

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