Xasthur - Nocturnal Poisoning

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Release date: 8 September 2002
Style: Depressive black metal


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01. In The Hate Of Battle
02. Soul Abduction Ceremony
03. A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
04. Black Imperial Blood [Mütiilation cover]
05. Legion Of Sin And Necromancy
06. A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness
07. Nocturnal Poisoning
08. Forgotten Depths Of Nowhere

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Published by Blood, Fire, Death, under the American Red Stream Productions, Xasthur is a Black Metal project coming from the US, started in 1996 by the founder Malefic, who, after some line-up problems and clashes with the other members, is now a one-man band. After some demos between'98-'99 and a first LP in 2001 for Profane/Makahru Xasthur is currently on its second full-length album. If you think of a BM one-man band, how could you not think of Burzum? And in fact it seems that Burzum itself is the main musical (and artistic... the CD cover layout style resembles a lot the one of some Vikernes' album, 'Hvis Liset Tar Oss' mainly) inspiration of this band, since what Malefic proposes are six (often long-lasting) tracks (for a total of 69:10minutes) of a harsh and depressive BM. Not only do we find full-speed drums but also slow decadent parts and short acoustic and synth interludes, always between two oppressive walls of distorted, ethereal and disturbing guitar sounds, all mixed with screamed and shivering vocals. The overall impression is to be cast into a black whirlwind, which envelops you in dark and obscure sounds.

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27.12.2013 - 23:57
Rating: 9
Maybe the only album I like from Xasthur. This song is still cool.

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