Holy Martyr - Hatred And Warlust [Demo]

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Release date: 2002
Style: Heavy metal


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01. Warmonger
02. Under Siege
03. Hatred Is My Strength
04. Son Of A King
05. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
06. Metallian
07. Frost And Fire [Cirith Ungol cover]

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Well, today I feel in a good mood, but I don't have anything to laugh… wait! I almost forgot! I have the HOLY MARTYR demo that arrived last week, I haven't even listened it, but as soon I received I laughed because in the jacket of the Cd was written: "BEWARE THE HOLLYWOOD METAL! WE DON'T SUPPORT THIS KIND OF EPIC TREND OF METAL!!! DEATH TO FALSE DEFENDERS!!!" phew... guys, slow down... put your swords down for a sec. here! This is exactly what happens when you listen heavy Metal and Play Dungeons & Dragons too much.

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