Gothic Knights - Up From The Ashes

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Release date: 20 October 2003
Style: Power metal


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01. Power And The Glory
02. Warrior Of Faith
03. Down In Flames
04. Up From The Ashes
05. Vampyre
06. The Witching Hour
07. Sleepy Hollow
08. Guardian Archangel
09. Heaven's Fire
10. Dear Queen
11. The 13th Warrior
12. The Machine [digipak bonus]
13. Hungry Like The Wolf [Duran Duran cover] [digipak bonus]

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Heavy/Power Metal.

Limb Music / Border Music

Year: 2003

This was the big Surprise, with a big S.
I would never had thought, before I heard this album the first time, that I would like this as much as I do.
I mention it earlier, that I have a weakness, Power Metal (and Gothic Metal).
By the name on the band you could believe that this would be about the last of those two Genres, but no, this isn't about Gothic Metal, this IS Power Metal, and good Power Metal to.

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