Dark Covenant - Eulogies For The Fallen

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Release date: 11 February 2011
Style: Doom metal


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01. The End-Time Congregation (Intro)
02. Forever Amongst The Ruins
03. Visions Of Salvation
04. Ascension Denied
05. Black Raven
06. Perennial Solitude
07. Black Sun Rising
08. A Broken Sword Reforged
09. Dirgevows (Outro)

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This album starts really badly. Before you say that „Forever Amongst the Ruins" isn't so terrible, I'll refer you to „Somewhere in Nowhere" by Candlemass. These two are basically identical - riffs, vocal lines, drums. What's more, when the song speeds up, the riffs sound almost exactly like „At the Gallows End". Given twenty-plus years between Candlemass and Dark Covenant, I won't accuse Leif Edling of plagiarism. And that leaves us only one suspect...

published 05.04.2012 | Comments (11)

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