Dog Fashion Disco - The City Is Alive Tonight - Live In Baltimore [Live]

Release date: 25 January 2005
Style: Avantgarde metal, Experimental rock


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Disc I
01. Worm In The Dog's Heart
02. Rapist Eyes
03. Baby Satan
04. Love Song For A Witch
05. Vertigo Motel
06. Toothless Dream
07. Acid Memoris
08. 9 To 5 At The Morgue
09. Pink Riots
10. Valley Girl Ventriloquist
11. G Eye Joe
12. Leper Friend
13. A Corpse In A Corpse
14. Breed [Nirvana cover]
15. Rat On A Sinking Ship
16. Albino Rhino

Disc II [DVD] [bonus]
+ Spend A day In The Life Of Dog Fashion Disco
+ Deleted Scenes
+ Trailers

Staff review by
Dog Fashion Disco? What kind of stupid name is that? And what kind of band takes a name like that?
Well, that stupid name and this kind of band is a Punkish Nu-Metal band from USA, which has grown pretty fast over there.
With three albums in the trunk, DFD signed with Artemis Records, and their first ever release on this label is a full concert recorded in their hometown Baltimore, during a day in January 2004. Now the fine part with this is that the concert was both recorded and filmed, so if you buy this album, you'll get both parts for the price of one, personally I think that's one hell of a present to the fans.

published 03.08.2005 | Comments (4)

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