Thee Orakle - Smooth Comforts False

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Release date: 20 February 2012
Style: Progressive death metal, Gothic metal


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01. Faraway Embrace
02. Psi-drama
03. Mysterious Hours
04. Foretoken
05. Evil Dreams
06. Winter Threat
07. The Bridge Of The River Flowing
08. Hopefulness
09. Rescue Of Mind

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Produced by Daniel Cardoso

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The silent noise of breaking dreams... hits violently the soul.

2012 has brought many good releases from Portuguese bands so far. There must be something in the water. Smooth Comforts False also drank from the same fountain of inspiration and Thee Orakle is a very young band too; reaching maturity with your second album is not a bad growth curve.

published 17.08.2012 | Comments (7)

You like female fronted gothic metal but don't want to look like a pussy? You kind of like death metal but, then again, you kind of don't? You like some experimentation in your music but want it to remain within sensible boundaries? A bit of saxophone sounds hip to you? How about a couple of jazz interludes? If it's all yes, then this might be an album for you.

Hear a sample here!

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Thumbs up: BloodTears, Ag Fox, Mr. Doctor

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20.02.2012 - 01:55
The Nothingth
Look at the band's genre... "Death Death Metal"? I find this unusual and quite funny.
The road is long, and the road is hard, and many fall by the side.
27.03.2012 - 14:32
The Psilosopher
Brilliant description i should say. Leave it to Ivor to bring such unique album picks. This , i will definitely check out.
27.03.2012 - 17:46
Sounds like Darzamat meets jazz.
I loved the sax but I don't like like those growls. I'll check this out anyway.
28.03.2012 - 15:46
Written by Unhealer on 27.03.2012 at 17:46

I loved the sax but I don't like like those growls.

Honestly, same thing here. Could be brilliant if growls were different.

No friends for playing games
No foes who scorn my name
Computerized machines of steel and rust
No friends in my house on Mars
No foes in my house on Mars
I was born in my house on Mars
I will die in my house on Mars
-- Ayreon - My House on Mars
30.03.2012 - 06:03
Damn, I'm digging everything except the vocals. That means clean and harsh...I might be able to get into it though since the production is nearly perfect (from my subjective) and the music its self is really good. When I heard it was "gothic" metal, I wasn't expecting anything this good.

Only other critique was that the sax solo seemed just kind of thrown in there for the sake of being progressive. It was a nice section of the song though.
30.03.2012 - 08:02
Rating: 8
Hmm, I found the vocals to be essential. Sometimes the music gets a bit monotonous and drags things down a bit and without the vocals I'd be bored pretty fast. Of course you might wonder how would this sound with 'better' vocals but what they have here is definitely a plus for me, they fit the music well and keep things slightly more interesting.
08.04.2012 - 17:27
Rating: 10
Thank you for all your opinions..They all are important to us!\m/
01.05.2012 - 10:52
Rating: 8
Another good release coming from Portugal this year *proud*
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.
04.05.2012 - 23:12
Rating: 6
Listened to some sample and this sounds sick. Def checking this out
18.08.2012 - 00:47
Rating: 5
Stupid sounding growls, incoherent music, boring and intolerable album - my opinion.
I must admit, good gothic metal bands come from Portugal indeed - Ava Inferi, Heavenwood and Moonspell, but this is not the one...
Maybe I just don't understand this style mix (Gothic + Death).. no actually it sometimes works out, but not this time

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