The Meads Of Asphodel - Sonderkommando

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Release date: 8 April 2013
Style: Experimental black metal


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01. Sonderkommando
02. Wishing Well Of Bones
03. Aktion T4
04. Silent Ghosts Of Babi Yar
05. Children Of The Sunwheel Banner (Part 1)
06. Children Of The Sunwheel Banner (Part 2)
07. Lamenting Weaver Of Horror
08. Sins Of The Pharaohs
09. Last Train To Eden
10. Hourglass Of Ash
11. The Mussulmans Wander Through The Infernal Whirling Fires Amongst Silent Shadows To Be Fed Into The Thirsting Jaws Of A Godless Death Machine To Cough Up Their Souls To The Nazi Moloch Who Sits Within A Ring Of Smoking Infant Skulls
12. Send My Love To Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz

Metatron - vocals
James D. Tait - guitars, keyboards, vocals
André Kjelbergvik Thung - drums
Alan Davey - bass

Session musicians
Mirai Kawashima - keyboards

Guest musicians
Rob Miller - vocals
Mories - vocals

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If you know your WWII history, or have read Metatron's highly enlightening essay on the concept behind Sonderkommando on The Meads Of Asphodel website, you'd know that the "Sonderkommando" of this album's title were Jewish prisoners who worked concentration camps during the war in return for special privileges, most specifically an extension of their persecution date. Hauntingly artistic and intentionally thought-provoking as usual, the band's fifth full album continues with the usual Jewish/Middle Eastern themes they've more or less become known for. Only this time, the topic isn't some far-gone Israel or Semitic land of yesterday, but a more contemporary, relatable event that is still deeply scarred into our global memory. This is a black metal interpretation of the Holocaust, The Meads Of Asphodel style.

published 28.05.2013 | Comments (13)

Quite clearly a band with no interest in pandering to the the naysayers who never wrapped their noggins around them, Sonderkommando brings The Meads Of Asphodel back to their most abstruse. Gone is most of the whimsy and the euphoric melodies of The Murder of Jesus the Jew, here we see them at their darkest, murkiest and most nuanced. Many accuse them of "stirring the shit" with regard to their lyrical content and imagery, but that's something you should most certainly read about yourself before throwing any stones.

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02.08.2014 - 21:42
Rating: 9
Written by Guest on 02.08.2014 at 20:05

Too lazy to Google it from my phone, but does any one know who does the primary clean vocals on this? They always remind me of Lou Reed. Kinda hoping they're in another band.

The title track has to be one of the most complete songs the band had ever done. Amazing stuff.

I think it's either, Amebix's vocalist or some guy called JM who also performs cleans in a Meads side project:

Not bad.
02.08.2014 - 21:47
Account deleted
Ah I've heard that band before (though I don't recall much about it). Can't listen to it right now but I'll check that again when I have access to proper Internet. Cheers.
21.09.2014 - 03:00
Account deleted
Written by Demerzel on 02.08.2014 at 21:42

I think it's either, Amebix's vocalist or some guy called JM who also performs cleans in a Meads side project:
Not bad.

Oh yeah, finally got round to this. As it happens I don't think it is this guy. The one I mean is this guy (skip to 4.10)

07.07.2016 - 21:20
Account deleted
Been playing this to and from the walk to work a lot recently, and think it might be pushing The Murder... off its spot at the top.

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