Old Silver Key - Tales Of Wanderings

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Release date: 16 September 2011
Style: Post-rock


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01. What Once Was And Will Never Happen Again
02. November Nights Insomnia
03. Cold Spring
04. Nineteen Winters Far Away From Home
05. Star Catcher
06. Burnt Letters
07. About Which An Old House Dreams

Neige - vocals
Roman Saenko - guitars
Roman Blagih - guitars
Vlad - drums, keyboards, piano
Krechet - bass

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It's quite remarkable what Neige has achieved so far with the impact he had on the whole shoegaze-meets-metal phase. Not only did he make Alcest quite a name with just a few releases, but he also contributed to many other albums where he left his mark as well. The thing is he's way too involved in this and inevitably this pretty much has led to a saturation point. In no time the scene got filled with dozens of bands that started blooming like mushrooms all over the place. Even Drudkh softened their sound so as to invest into more shoegaze/post-rock oriented pathways, without leaving their metal elements (yet) behind, though. The reason I'm making these references is a new-born project - Old Silver Key - that consists of Neige and members of Drudkh in an attempt to cleanse themselves totally from the metal aspect of their main acts.

published 15.10.2011 | Comments (30)

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26.09.2011 - 20:57
Rating: 5
Learning To "X"
So far it's a seven. Scores really low on the originality part.
"There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be. And then you accept it. Or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking in mirrors."
26.09.2011 - 22:02
Account deleted
A bit disappointing, though I wasn't expecting that much from this unnecessary collaboration.
It's just a drowsy version of latest Drudkh's album, "Handful Of Stars" (which I adore), featuring a subpar and uninspired vocal performance by Neige. Riffs are mostly uninteresting and too soft, melodies are gripless and simplistic; and by the way, aside from technical details, we've-heard-it-all-before in every possible way.
I usually love this new kind of "post-blackgaze" shit which lately seems so trendy (Alcest, Les Discrets, Lantlos, Amesoeurs, Deafheaven, Fen and some other minor bands), but this album sounds sleep-inducing rather than dreamy, like it's supposed to be.
The last two tracks are the only great songs here; as for the rest... Nothing really BAD; just mediocre, or unexciting at best.
Superfluous work; only for diehard fans of alcest-ish music (and strangely enough I'm one of them).

17.10.2011 - 20:25
Fat & Sassy!
Written by Guest on 26.09.2011 at 23:30

The cover artwork reminded me of this Gehenna release.


You do you, brozzio.
24.02.2012 - 16:08
The music is ok, but the vocals is totally boring.
God is busy… save yourself
10.12.2012 - 22:15
Rating: 7
Haven given this some spins now, and I think its been unfairly butchered by Metal Storm. Since almost no album here gets anything less than 5, 5.5 must be considered a thrashing. I agree that it may seem unecessary, with Neige being involved, making an album so close to the style of Alcest. But i like ALcest, and I like Neige's voice. I think this a very listenable album. Not a milestone in any way, but a nice metalgaze treat.
07.06.2013 - 13:14
Bad English
This is awesome, iI am sad that I just find out about it, in MS news abot band pluting up
Its sad, realy good, joyful album. IMO ordinary radio could play it
well my play list for today
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
24.07.2015 - 03:22
I really dont know why people dislike this album but whatever it is a great listening First 3 tracks are amazing

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