Catarsis Incarne - Katharma

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Release date: 13 August 2011
Style: Death metal


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01. Falsos Hijos Del Sol
02. Yo Me Cree
03. Katharma 12 (Exhumacion De Abya Yala)
04. Insinuacion Insidiosa
05. A ABADtir
06. Condena
07. Subconsciente 1010011010
08. Ausencia Total De Materia

Esteban Monestel - vocals, guitars
Oscar López - guitar
Ignacio Blanco - drums
Pablo Sánchez - bass

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Producer: Esteban Monestel.

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Generic death metal can be pretty fun, but a little uniqueness goes a long, long way. And, if anything, Katharma is a unique death metal album. But damn it, Catarsis Incarnae, this isn't 'Nam. This is death metal. There are rules. If your riffs are hardly ever rabid and maniacal-sounding, and the production is totally sterile, your audience among death metallers isn't one I can picture.

published 27.10.2011 | Comments (8)

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