Dementor - God Defamer

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Release date: 24 May 2004
Style: Brutal death metal


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01. Slaying Grace
02. God Defamer
03. The Mighty Evil
04. My Ally Anger
05. Devilish Obsession
06. Harvester Of Christian Souls
07. Power Of Crucifixion
08. To Taste Divinity
09. Unholy Hordes Of Rot

Staff review by
The other day I was searching through my list of reviews, when I got struck by the large amount of little squares with small red D's in them (meaning death metal for those who don't know yet). This sight got me all down and depressed, and I spent the whole day after that roaming and moaning about the fact that I'm now a heartless barbarian, unable of joy, love or tenderness, doomed for social relationships... You can imagine then how I was looking forward to the next package of cds I would receive, with high hopes of having something mellow that could prove to the world that I am not an ice-cold brute. First cd I see, Dementor, what can it be, maybe some melodic heavy, or a sympho stuff a la Nightwish? No way, of course I'm the most unlucky person on the earth, Dementor is brutal death (again). I am definitely a barbarian because I am not even disappointed.

published 15.06.2004 | Comments (0)

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