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Acheron - Decade Infernus [Compilation]

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Release date: 2004
Style: Blackened death metal


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Disc I
01. Thou Art Lord
02. God Is Dead
03. Slaughterization For Satan
04. Blessed By Damnation
05. Immortal Sigil
06. Let Us Depart
07. Satanic Erotica
08. One With Darkness
09. Fuck The Ways Of Christ
10. Lifeforce
11. The Enochian Key
12. Six Six Six
13. Enter Thy Coven
14. Final Harvest
15. Ave Satanas
16. Prayer Of Hell

Disc II
01. Out Of Body
02. Alla Xul
03. To Thee We Confess
04. Shehamforash
05. Purification Day
06. Hekal Tiamat
07. Seven Deadly Sins
08. Cursed Nazarene
09. Necromanteion Communion
10. Baptism For Devlyn Alexandra
11. Legions Of Hatred
12. Unholy Praises
13. Summoning The Master
14. Voices Within
15. Undead Celebration
16. The Entity

Additional info
This release is limited to 2000 handnumbered copies.

Staff review by
Acheron was formed back in 1988 by the Rev. Vincent Crowley (he's a reverend in the Satanic Church or whatever...) who left the band Nocturnus to create an entity all dedicated to the glory of Satan. Now they treat their fans with this compilation that sums up the first ten years of their career. So here it is, this double album with thirty-two tracks... Of course, it is useless for the real fans who have their whole discography. But for random people like me, who don't really know them, it is a real goldmine.

published 02.09.2004 | Comments (1)

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