Slapshot - Tear It Down [EP]

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Release date: 2005
Style: Hard rock


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01. Relight the Fire
02. Fuck New York
03. Terrorized
04. Rap Sucks
05. Tear It Down
06. Spread the Fear
07. Hardcore Rules

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I guess legendary Boston hard core act Slapshot were still pissed in 2005, some 20 years after their founding. Very pissed. So very pissed that they needed to reconvene, and condense their rage and anger into the music that makes the Tear It Down E.P., which sees seven songs whip past in a scant 22 minutes.

The album kicks immediately into action with the bone-jarring "Relight The Fire", an anthem basically summing up their own return; stoking their inner fire and getting back into action. As one of the elder statesmen of this site, it's a track that resonates with me, in so much as allowing myself to get pissed off, worked up, and ready to fight back and reconquer aspects of my life in which I allowed the forces of the world to grind me to complacency.

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