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Release date: 21 May 2012
Style: Black metal


6.4 | 167 votes


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01. Blóðstokkinn
02. Jóln
03. Alfadanz
04. Hit Helga Tré
05. Æra
06. Heiðr
07. Valgaldr
08. Galgviðr
09. Surtr Sunnan
10. Gullaldr
11. Níðhöggr

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Official translations:

Umskiptar => Metamorphoses

01. Soaked In Blood
02. Deities
03. Elven Dance
04. The Sacred Tree
05. Honour
06. Esteem
07. Song Of The Fallen
08. Gallow Forest
09. Black From The South
10. Golden Age
11. Attack From Below

The lyrics on "Umskiptar" are all taken from a Norse poem, Völuspá.

Recorded in Grieghallen Studio in Bergen in September 2011.
Produced and mixed by Pytten, Davide Bertolini and Burzum.
Mastered by Naweed at Whitfield Mastering, London.

Front cover painting by Peter Nicolai Arbo.

Staff review by
Troy Killjoy

Imagine this: During a weekend away from home, you decided to hit up as many fast food restaurants as humanly possible. But not just the major chains. You also make stops at all the small franchised take-out places that put the Triple Whopper to shame. You keep consuming and consuming until your stomach feels like it's been filled with bricks...

published 11.05.2012 | Comments (160)

Guest review by

Another year passes, another Burzum album is released. Since Varg Vikernes, the most controversial Norwegian figure, has been released on probation from jail, he managed to put a new album every year and 2012, the year when the Mayan "apocalypse" is supposed to take place, is no exception.

I do not know what Varg has been doing in jail. For 11 years he hasn't released a new record and in 2010 we get Belus and one year later Fallen. What can we say about Umskiptar? A new direction? Maybe, but not quite. Is it good or not? Depends on the individual. Since this is my own review I have to admit that when I listened to it first, I wasn't impressed but after a couple of auditions, I get that even Varg tries to take a step towards innovation.

published 27.10.2012 | Comments (2)

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chrisʇrenounced - 25.02.2013 at 10:37  
Written by psykometal on 25.02.2013 at 10:16

Written by chrisʇrenounced on 25.02.2013 at 09:57

I was most unaware that this was just Troy's 'deal' and is apparently something that he does often and takes great humor in.

Yea, that was just Troy's style. You want another good "incident" regarding another Troy review then go read the review and ensuing comments between him and the label for Malasangre's early 2012 release.

"The fucking book of knowledge"! Priceless
psykometal - 25.02.2013 at 16:58  
Written by chrisʇrenounced on 25.02.2013 at 10:37

"The fucking book of knowledge"! Priceless

Yup! Troy and his reviews are definitely sorely missed around here but he had to move onto greener pastures for his own personal reasons and he is a happier person for it.
Rasputin - 09.05.2013 at 06:55  
  I wonder why is Burzum still listed under "Black Metal" when he stopped making Black Metal looong time ago? People are living in the past it would seem. Varg even said so many times that he is not doing Black Metal anymore

Curumir - 06.12.2014 at 17:27  
Rating: 10 This might be my favourite Burzum album. Please don't kill me.
Hex_Omega - 15.05.2015 at 17:07  
Rating: 8
Written by Curumir on 06.12.2014 at 17:27

This might be my favourite Burzum album. Please don't kill me.

I won't. In fact I like this album. It is way too long and has fillers but generally it is very atmospheric. Last good Burzum album.
Fearmeister - 16.05.2015 at 02:23  
Rating: 8 Yea, I don't get the massive hate-on people have on this album
Marcel Hubregtse - 16.05.2015 at 02:37  
Written by Fearmeister on 16.05.2015 at 02:23

Yea, I don't get the massive hate-on people have on this album

Because it is a total crap shitfest extraordinaire. But then agian most of Burzum's stuff has always been extremely bad. Only Filosofem is quite okay.
LeKiwi - 25.11.2015 at 15:11  
Rating: 4 The album has it's moments, but the second half is particularly bad.

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