Release date: 13 March 2012
Style: Death metal


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Disc I
01. Nocturnal Manslaughter
02. Hunted By The Dead (Haunted By The Living)
03. The Hegemony Of The Hammer
04. Mallet Seductor
05. Flesh Psycho
06. Into The Filth
07. Macabre Kingdom
08. Enter The Megaflesh
09. Outro

Serenity In Obscenity [Unreleased mCD] [bonus]
10. Salvation (Never Came)
11. Only The Dread
12. Souldead
13. The Dead And The Lifeless
14. Still Suffering
15. Deathsong

Vicar Mortis [E.P., 2006] [bonus]
16. Intro
17. The Day It All Ended
18. Knee-Deep In Death
19. Torn To Pieces

The Monolith [E.P., 2007] [bonus]
20. The Monolith
21. Trapped In Unhuman Flesh
22. Domes Of The Ancients

Disc II
Bolted To The Cross [Full-length, 2004] [Remastered bonus]
01. Dead Forever
02. Beneath The Cenotaph
03. Heavenless
04. Hollow Beliefs
05. As Uou Bleed
06. Sole Sufferer
07. The Unblessed
08. Morbidity Awoken

Congerating The Sick [Full-length, 2006] [Remastered bonus]
09. Autopsy Obsessed
10. Morbid Reflections
11. Bleeding You Dry
12. Breeding Sickness
13. Dead To The World
14. Maggots (Fucking Maggots)
15. Worms Inside Your Coffin
16. Not Dead But Buried
17. The Crawling

Additional info
First disc contains the new album The Kult Of The Pneumatic Killrod, an unreleased mCD, Serenity In Obscenity, and the two EPs, Vicar Mortis and The Monolith.

Second disc contains the two first albums, Bolted To The Cross and Congerating The Sick, remastered by Rogga Johansson.

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