King - Forged By Satan's Doctrine

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Release date: 9 February 2012
Style: Death metal


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01. Summon Shub-Niggurath Ye Black
02. No Pray No Mercy Just Death (Unpromised Satan)
03. Kill The Posers Like Fucking Christians
04. When The Walls In Heaven Turn In Black
05. Evil Evangelization
06. Emperor Of Darkness
07. The Ruthless Attitude Of Evil Sobervia
08. Satan's Fabrica
09. Macabre Satanas
10. Nonlaughter: Zero Fucking Happiness
11. What's Satan Domain

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Doc G.
I'm trying to find some indication that this is a joke. I don't know what would be funnier, that someone made a joke song entitled "Kill The Posers Like Fucking Christians" or that someone, perhaps even the - I don't want to say "artist", that just wouldn't fit, let's use the word "creator" - actually takes it seriously and thinks it still sounds edgy.

published 10.02.2012 | Comments (11)

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