Reido - -11

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Release date: 11 November 2011
Style: Sludge metal, Doom metal


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01. Violence & Destruction
02. Degeneration Cycle
03. Arhat
04. I Saw His Mask Fall
05. The Six-Day War
06. Human Dysfunction
07. Flows & Eruptions

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-11 opens with the track called "Violence And Destruction."

That sounds about right. Rather than some warp speed black metal or whatever, it's just some abrasive music that sees the band taking their pre-existing doom base and moving to the Post-Sludge County line. Reido took the cold, desolate atmosphere of their funeral doom past and incorporated that outlook within the framework of almost clinically executed post-meets-sludge approach. Additionally the band also sees fit to toss in some odd rhythm structures to further throw the whole mess a little off-kilter.

published 29.02.2012 | Comments (3)

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