Bekhira - L'Élu Du Mal

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Release date: 5 October 2005
Style: Black metal


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01. Send Me These Evil Words
02. Forgotten Nazarene
03. Medieval Deathcamps
04. The Devil And The Sorcerer
05. Impure Blood Shall Flow
06. Children Of All That Is Evil
07. A Thousand Demons
08. From The Most Devastated Lands
09. L'Ere Noire...

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I remember like it was yesterday. I was watching a video listing a ton of pretty obscure black metal bands whilst playing one of their songs in the background. I was just about to click the video off, due to being rather unimpressed, when suddenly that track came on. It was love at first hearing. The sound of raw aggression combined with a tragic, yet somehow epic melody created by a fuzzy, almost living guitar tone had me immediately dazzled and drooling whilst blood-red letters formed the word Bekhira on the black screen. A Google search followed, and their only full-length was quickly "acquired". I was slightly hesitant: what if the rest of L'elu Du Mal doesn't live up to the brilliant track I've heard? Oh, what a wrong assumption that was.

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11.03.2012 - 11:17
Rating: 9
One of the best classic Black metal records ever released.
20.02.2013 - 21:05
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
A few nifty riffs here and there with nice raw production. Ok vocals and annoying drumming at some parts. A good underground black metal release, but nothing amazing, or great actually. Just a solid album

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