Pact - The Dragon Lineage Of Satan

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Release date: 30 January 2012
Style: Black metal


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01. Litany To Satan
02. Into Heaven's Night
03. Dreamless Death
04. Ecstasy And Illumination
05. The Flowers Of Evil
06. The Middle Pillar
07. Ascension From The Fall
08. Terror Of The Lower Astral (The Journey)
09. Suicide Sigil
10. A Vast Eternity

Staff review by
Troy Killjoy
There was a time when Satanic black metal projects were taken seriously, when the music sent chills down your spine and the corpsepaint-wearing arsonist behind the mic made you sleep with your light on. Pact seem to remember such a time, and they're here to remind those of us who weren't there to experience the murders and church burnings that we still have reason to fear.

published 28.03.2012 | Comments (21)

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