Warrick - Beyond Diplomacy

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Release date: 1 March 2012
Style: Thrash metal


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01. Deprivation
02. Death Before Dishonor
03. The Scourge
04. Martyr
05. State Of Aggression
06. Human Made
07. Mouth Full Of Shit
08. Metal Or Die
09. For Those Once Loyal

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When tapping the thrash keg of the 80s, it seems most modern bands merely manage to hiss and sputter out a cup of unsatisfying foam. Then along come the Floridian 5-piece Warrick, who tilt the barrel to pour out the freshest remnants: not sufficient to fill a pint mind you, but enough to wet the proverbial whistle.

Beyond Diplomacy shows instant promise with the acoustic prologue of "Devestation". Visions of solemn destitution give way to the hopeful revolt of ringing distortion, almost akin to Children's "Hard Times Hangin At The End Of The World". However, the mood is nearly trampled by overeager thrash archetypes: Monotonic chugging triplets and angst-ridden lyrics. The redemption sought by the song's final minutes projects a pattern of ups and downs, (though mostly ups), throughout the release.

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