Beecher - Breaking The Fourth Wall

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Release date: 21 July 2003
Style: Metalcore


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01. Let Them Drown
02. Dead For Weeks
03. Burning Surface
04. Arrow Flies
05. Mercury Switch
06. Floating Point
07. The Only One I Know
08. Red Diesel
09. Cabin Boy Jumped Ship
10. An Important Letter
11. Ladder Theory
12. Crack Fiend
13. Let Them Drown
14. An Important Letter
15. Arrow Flies
16. Red Diesel
17. Dead For Weeks

Staff review by
I've read some reviews for this album, I actually thought it was going to be a hard piece, the kind you want to break in half, throw away and never listen to it again…well the album is actually not bad, it's just Hard-Metalcore with Emo overtones nothing more nothing less, at least these guys know and accept their capabilities and don't go around saying "Hey we're the most brutal band ever to touch an instrument, so beware", in fact I liked most parts of this CD; this is in fact a band with a lot of things to highlight when it comes to their music.

published 12.02.2006 | Comments (0)

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