Martyrium - The Carnage Lit By Darkness

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Release date: 8 April 2005
Style: Melodic black metal


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01. Act I - Evil Manifests...
02. Prologue - The Primeval Reign Of Spirit
03. Scene I - Through The Venal Eyes Of Possessed
04. Act II - From Sobriety To Depraved Delusion
05. Scene I - Deprived Od Deliverance By Acumen
06. Scene II - The Transition
07. Scene III - Androgynie Somnium
08. Act III - Nightmares Ensue Sinister Fantasies
09. Scene I - Enticement Of Divinity's Final Hour
10. Scene II - Mina
11. Act IV - Evil Reigns Supreme
12. Scene I - The Carnage Lit By Darkness
13. Epilogue - Eagerly, We Await...

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"Let the carnage begins", that's the opening line in this album; A Melodic Black Metal band from Malta with incredible atmospheres, awesome balance and shivering passages; this band is about to blast your speakers, so, be prepared.

First of all, if you are one of those Raw Black Metal enthusiasts, avoid this piece no matter what, but, if you are one of those Melodic Black Metal fans in love with structures or polished music, if you enjoy some catchy riffs from time to time, and if you blatantly hate Muddy or Raw Black Metal, you will love "The Carnage Lit By Darkness" no doubt. The music presented within this album will satisfy all the Melodic Black Metal maniacs, this band leaves all the original rawness of old school Black Metal aside, then adds some melodies here and there to create complex environments and better atmospheres.

published 11.08.2005 | Comments (0)

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