AnachroniA - The Endless Agony

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Release date: 2004
Style: Gothic metal, Melodic progressive metal


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01. Lunacy
02. Endless Agony
03. Angels Cry
04. Time' So Long
05. Around My World Part. I
06. Around My World Part. II
07. Lost Time
08. Sailormen
09. Eternity

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Let's begin this review with what I usually write at the end of many of my reviews: We'll hear from this band in the future, and I hope the near future. Simply put, their talent is very evident and they can only get better with time.

The Endless Agony is AnachroniA's debut album. While the title may not be very original (and reminds me a lot of the first album of The Old Dead Tree, The Nameless Disease), the music is. Not that they invented something new, but they're combining many aspects of all metal music in a very fluent and attractive way. The term "gothic" is not really the most relevant here, despite the presence of a female vocalist and the obscurity of the album.

published 07.10.2005 | Comments (5)

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