Storm - Nordavind

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Release date: 14 January 1995
Style: Blackened folk metal


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01. Innferd
02. Mellom Bakkar Og Berg
03. Haavard Hedde
04. Villemann
05. Nagellstev
06. Oppi Fjellet
07. Langt Borti Lia
08. Lokk
09. Noregsgard
10. Utferd

Additional info
Released on CD and LP on Moonfog Productions
Catalogue number Fog 004
Album title means northwind
The track "Noregsgard" features parts identical to Darkthrone's "Quintessence".

Guest review by
This album is meant to be a hymn to Norway. Old Norwegian tales are resurrected and played now in a metallized version. Wongraven (more known as Satyr) founded this band because of his love for Norway and hunger for playing folk songs from his native country. Herr Nagell (more known as Fenriz) and little later Kari joined him and together they made a Viking metal album, which in its sound reminds me of two bands - Isengard and Otyg. These three projects have common mid-tempo drumming, an epic sound and vocals in the spirit of Norwegian folklore. Isengard is more black metal influenced, Otyg use more folk instruments. So if you want to know what Storm's "Nordavind" sounds like, listen to these two bands, mix their sounds in your mind and get rid of the black metal influence and folk instruments.

published 20.10.2005 | Comments (4)


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15.04.2012 - 01:18
Rating: 7
This album has some pretty nice tracks on it, Wongraven does great clean vocals. Norwegian is a great musical language.
25.03.2013 - 03:21
Account deleted
Sweet folky record.
30.03.2013 - 16:51
Account deleted
Nice album, I love Kari's voice.
26.11.2016 - 01:06
Bad English
An masterpiece, sad Kari left metal world, she has a voice , she could be 1th Tarja actually , powerful album, blackish folk, and so on ... I never will get how ppl can stick whit 3-5 fav bands in one genre and don't go deeper into metal
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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