Pillory - No Lifeguard At The Gene Pool

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Release date: 26 July 2005
Style: Brutal death metal, Technical death metal


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01. Glandular
02. Somewhere Between
03. The Morning Grind
04. Welflare Gun
05. Irritated As A Hangnail In A Fingerfuck
06. Nipples To Napalm
07. No Room For Retards
08. Siren
09. Dust

Staff review by
"No Lifeguard…" is one of the most shocking and brutal releases this year; I really have to highlight the versatility showed in the music laying in this CD, we can hear the most violent tunes mixed in a magnificent way with catchy and melodious structures.

Pillory is a brand new band from Boston; they play Brutal Death Metal with Grind and Hardcore overtones in a really astonishing and interesting way. This is their first Full Length album, and to be honest it's quite impressive for a debut release actually, the music flows awesomely in each track showing great songwriting and fascinating structures. There's an actual musical progression in this album; it starts brutally and fiercely with the track "Glandular", then the following songs are equally atrocious but not as chaotic as the first one, every single track is actually a little better than the previous, which leads you to a great closure with the song called "Dust" (this last song has more Hardcore approaches than any other tune in this album)

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