Wraith Of The Ropes - Ada

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Release date: 31 October 2005
Style: Funeral doom metal


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01. Chamber Of The Wraith
02. Final Reflection
03. Lake Of Decay
04. Alone
05. Death Bed
06. Snow Dragon
07. Outro

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All ye who enter…
Abandon hope.
Hear the faded whispers…
Of the Wraith of the Ropes

These are the opening words recited by a hellish dehumanized voice. Cliché bragging by another vampire-wannabe band? No, fair warning for what you're about to get into. Now just imagine: you wake up from agitated sleep, naked on the cold tiled floor of a dark room in an abandoned asylum. The moonlight hardly passes through the dirty smoky windows, splashing your surroundings with surreal yellowish light. You open the door and find yourself standing in the middle of a windy corridor. The light is even dimmer there. The walls are stained with some dark fluid. You realize this is blood. Blood everywhere on the walls, on the floor, at the ceiling. Human pieces scattered everywhere. Then you hear this sound. The rats? But rats don't make the sound of an axe trailed on a cement floor… The noise is getting nearer. You want to run, but there is no exit. It's getting nearer. And nearer and nearer and nearer, it's behind you! You turn around and see……….

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