The Wandering Midget - From The Meadows Of Opium Dreams

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Release date: 30 November 2012
Style: Doom metal


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01. Prince Of Fire
02. Temples In The Sky
03. She Wolf
04. The Forest Lights

Samuel Wormius - vocals, guitars
Jonathan Sprenger - drums
Thomas Grenier - bass, backing vocals

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Quick! Guess the band's style! They call themselves The Wandering Midget, their latest offering is titled From The Meadows Of Opium Dreams, and although I could be wrong (and probably am), the album's artwork seems to depict guys on camels wandering through some strange alien landscape with a bunch of spirit-like hands reaching up from the ground. If you guessed that this is a stoner doom release, then congratulations: you know your metal subgenre aesthetics. Yup, The Wandering Midget are about as stoner as they come, so much so that if you look close enough at this album's cover you can almost see the THC crystals hidden within the paint design. Anywho, if the band's name and the silly, yet amusing title of their 2012 output weren't enough to give it away, their music surely will.

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