Turisas - Promo [Demo]

Release date: December 1999
Style: Folk metal


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01. Terra Tavestorum
02. The Heart Of Turisas

Additional info
Recorded at: Turisas rehearsal room
Mixed by: Turisas
Music by: Nygård
Lyrics by: Nygård

"Note: This two-song promo CD-R was recorded at our rehearsal room with a Yamaha 16-track MD recorder in December 1999. It was sent only to two or three places, the main purpose being to get gigs. We planned to record Terra Tavestorum on our HoT-release in 2000 as well, but changed it to the Those Were the Days cover just a few days before entering the studio, which turned out to be a success. Terra Tavestorum was a good song too, but somewhat badly arranged, so after taking Terra to pieces, we built up One More (Battle Metal, 2004) on the riffs originally from Terra Tavestorum."

This same recording of 'Terra Tavestorum' was used as an exclusive Japanese bonus track for the CD 'Battle Metal'.

The track 'The Heart of Turisas' would be re-recorded for the band's 'Heart of Turisas' EP and it would later on get a makeover and end up as 'Battle Metal' on the album with the same name. This version, however, is different from the EP version.

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