Disperse - Living Mirrors

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Release date: 15 February 2013
Style: Progressive metal, Djent


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01. Dancing With Endless Love
02. Enigma Of Abode
03. Profane The Ground
04. Prana
05. Message From Atlantis
06. WOW!
07. Universal Love
08. Be Afraid Of Nothing
09. Unbroken Shiver
10. Touching The Golden Cloud
11. Butoh
12. Choices Over Me
13. AUM

Rafał Biernacki - keyboards, vocals
Daniel Kesler - guitars
Jakub Żytecki - guitars
Maciek Dzik - drums
Wojtek Famielec - bass

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As much as I love old progressive rock like King Crimson, Yes, Hawkwind, and Van Der Graaf Generator, most progressive metal tends to fall short for me. A lot of the bands within the style tend to appear to have an attitude of ultra showmanship by any means: you know, the types of bands that think they're cool for being able to cram over 100 time signature shifts into one song. Extravagance for the sake of extravagance, a feature that for me gets real old real quick. Poland's Disperse, however, are pleasingly different. With this band, it's more about the atmosphere of the music than it is about the technicality, and by focusing more on the music's mood than sheer virtuosity, they have managed to craft a fairly decent release with 2013's Living Mirrors.

published 23.03.2013 | Comments (16)

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16.02.2013 - 04:43
Rating: 8
Au Pays Natal
Most of the time this kind of bloated ego, ultra-showmanship, progressive/djent metal music turns me off but I must say this is good.
17.02.2013 - 21:35
Well, this is certainly different than their earlier work. Certainly heavier, more djent-y. Not sure I like it.
Needs a few more spins.
19.02.2013 - 04:19
Rating: 8
Au Pays Natal
Had to bump this up to an 8 and it might go higher with each additional listen. I really don't like djent but this has a good mixture of prog and atmosphere. The vocals are quite good and the production is great.
18.03.2013 - 00:01
"The Quaker"
Definitely not their top work. Disperse has gone djent... I think we lost another fine prog metal band.
18.03.2013 - 17:37
Rating: 8
Au Pays Natal
Written by qlacs on 18.03.2013 at 00:01

Definitely not their top work. Disperse has gone djent... I think we lost another fine prog metal band.

I have not listened to their earlier stuff so I have nothing to compare it to but I am enjoying this. I am not a djent fan but this release does a good job of mixing it in so I don't get turned off
14.09.2013 - 10:23
Rating: 10
I disagree with basically anyone who doesn't think this is an amazing album! I can seriously listen to this album all day; it's just so perfect! As what their first release sounds like I'm not sure, but I can tell you that this CD doesn't ruin their name. The diversity of each song is wonderful, whether it's being that "djent" like hard riffs to more mellow jazz flows. Listening from Enigma of Abode to Message From Atlantis by itself is just like "Woah! What just happened?!". Message From Atlantis ends up sounding like a completely different song compared to what you just listened to! This album seriously puts me in a great mood and would highly recommend it for people who can look pass the whole "djent" terminology and wants to enjoy some pretty legit music!
06.11.2013 - 09:41
China was a neat
Mainstream pop style woecals doesn't really make djent any better.
26.07.2014 - 18:38
Rating: 6
High Fist Prog
These guys have absolutely no sense of melody - at least on this album.

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