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Release date: 1999
Style: Brutal death metal


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01. Welcome to My Slaughterhouse
02. Loving You in Decay
03. Recollections of Human Habits
04. Thick Putrefaction Stink
05. 37°F
06. Necrophobic [Slayer cover]
07. Vent to Perversion
08. Bloody Art of Postmortem Sex
09. No Waste of Flesh
10. Bloodhunger
11. Bloodfeast......Feastbeast

Additional info
Catalog# Bey.9911

Mixed & recorded at Black Studio in August '99.
All songs arranged by Antropofagus, Necrophobic is taken from Slayer's "Reign in Blood".

Re-issued and re-mastered in 2002 with bonus tracks and a video:
12. Recollections of Human Habits (Neurocollapse Version)
13. Thick Putrefaction Stink (Neurocollapse Version)
14. Loving You in Decay (Live)
15. Bloody Art of Postmortem Sex (Demo)
16. No Waste of Flesh (Demo)
17. Bloodfeast......Feastbeast (Demo)
18. 37°F (Live Video)

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