Darkthrone - Nocturno Culto's The Misanthrope [DVD]

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Release date: 23 April 2007
Style: Black metal, Crust punk


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Disc I [DVD]
01. Icefishing
02. Intro
03. Desolate
04. Sardonic Rehearsals
05. Ali Baba Winter
06. Aura Noir Signing
07. Tokyo
08. Norway Be My Grave
09. Ali Baba Summer
10. Aura Noir Releaseparty
11. Sardonic Studio
12. Tyrant Meeting
13. Endtime
14. Credits

[DVD Extras]
+ Stills [bonus]
+ Thulcandra [bonus]
+ Archipelago [bonus]
+ Too Old Too Cold [bonus]

Disc II [CD] [bonus]
01. Battlehorns
02. The Bastard Son
03. Lake Of Sorrow
04. Stay Away
05. Necroposers
06. The Will To Deny
07. The Solution

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Released through Peaceville Records.

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"The Misanthrope The Existence Of… Solitude And Chaos" is the film debut by Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto and Mr Nocturno himself describes it as "a strange documentary / fiction film, not suitable for everyone". You know what? He is right… I'm still trying to understand the concept of this movie but honestly I didn't find the answer. It doesn't mean that it's bad, it's special that's right and has its charm but let's be honest this is something only for the fans of Darkthrone and maybe the fans of the Black Metal scene from Norway.

published 08.06.2007 | Comments (6)

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