Moth - Endlessly In Motion

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Release date: 12 January 2013
Style: Melodic death metal, Progressive metal


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01. The Structure
02. Dissolved
03. Vision
04. Reverse
05. Vast Expansion
06. The Dark Sea
07. Drifting
08. Endlessly In Motion

Benton McKibben - vocals
Rhiannon Wisniewski - keyboards, synthesizers
Dave O'Berry - guitars, bass
Stephen Handler - drums

Denver-based death metallers have started their career on a strong note with the impressive debut Endlessly in Motion. An adept mix of forward thinking, technical and constantly interesting death metal with a few feathers plucked from melodic death's sense of melody and harmony. Vocally this sounds somewhat like the bastard child of Björn "Speed" Strid and Devin Townsend, not to to mention the band aren't afraid to explore and exploit ambient atmospherics in a subtle yet effective manner. Something for pretty much everyone I would think.

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11.02.2013 - 23:59
Account deleted
I am really digging their sound. Thanks to J.N. for the heads up.
14.02.2013 - 14:12
Gojira fans??
14.02.2013 - 14:15
Account deleted
Written by neonxaos on 14.02.2013 at 14:12

Gojira fans??

Apparently the band are huge Gojira fans.
14.02.2013 - 16:33
Inner Metal Cage
Not too impressed by this... Well executed but nothing interesting/new for me. Shame.
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14.02.2013 - 23:40
Written by Guest on 14.02.2013 at 14:15

Written by neonxaos on 14.02.2013 at 14:12

Gojira fans??

Apparently the band are huge Gojira fans.

Yeah, I thought so immediately after listening to the first song
17.02.2013 - 06:04
+1 to Moth sounding like Gojira. I hear the Devin Townsend similarities too, the vocalals make the same wall of sound effect that DT's have had.
23.06.2013 - 01:19
Rating: 7
Wow, this is great. Thank you JOOE for the staff pick (way back when, I know ).

There is this subtle vibe of almost... alt metal? It's partially in the rhythms and partially in the vocals. These are NOT typical death vocals by any means! They remind me of a more extreme version of what you have in bands like Klone or Nero Di Marte. Nice album!
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