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Release date: 1992
Style: Heavy metal, US power metal


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01. Angels Holocaust
02. Stormrider
03. The Path I Choose
04. Before The Vision
05. Mystical End
06. Desert Rain
07. Pure Evil
08. Reaching The End
09. Travel In Stygian

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Additional info
A re-mastered version was re-released in 2001 with an alternate album cover.

In Europe, this album was released in November 1991, and in the USA in April 1992. Its U.S. release date was delayed so as to not compete with the band's self-titled debut album.

The first pressing has a different cover. Today, it has a different comic artwork cover compared to the original cover work.

Remixed and remastered version from the "Dark Genesis" box set was released separately on August 26th, 2002.

The 2008 reissue has a bonus track:
10. Stormrider (live) (04:49)

Staff review by
Demonic Tutor

Back in the early 90's, in 1992 to be precise. The American band Iced Earth released their first concept album entitled Night Of The Stormrider. Reactions were very positive because their sound was different from any other band in the metal scene. For numerous fans, the discovery of Iced Earth started with that dark epic album, mystic lyrics and gloomy cover art. Night Of The Stormrider followed 1990's self-titled debut album and was received with immediate success in Europe and at a degree lower in the States. Japan was charmed too, which in 1992, was less common than nowadays, and by the way, that record is still the most sold of all Iced Earth's albums in Japan. So, what do we have with the CD you ask? Well, let's see!

published 18.09.2003 | Comments (4)

Guest review by

Thrash, heavy, power. Call it what you will, Night of the Stormrider takes you on a ride from start to finish with some of the fastest charging riffs in all of metal contrasted with its dark lyrics and mood. This second offering from Iced Earth is their first stab at making a concept album and it delivers the goods. The story, in the words of John Schaffer is about "a young man who is betrayed by Christianity... and is chosen to bring about Armageddon." He goes on to say you can figure it out for yourself if you read the lyrics, which are very dark and evil and perfectly express the story's sinister vibe. This feel is also perfectly executed by the instruments, especially guitar, of which the distortion almost personifies the Stormrider and his struggle. The drumming on the album is very well written, however, not as well played. The double bass is the area which could have used the most work because it is supposed to go along with the quick riffs, but only manages to follow them closely.

published 08.07.2006 | Comments (14)

Guest review by

So, the other day I went to this Mexican fast-food restaurant to eat some tacos.

published 25.07.2014 | Comments (21)

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JÄY - 20.04.2010 at 18:29  
Rating: 10 Gotta say, Greeley does a great job. barlow is great too but fuck is he "dramatic-ah"
BloodFireDeath - 23.04.2011 at 08:09  
Jay-WalKeR - 30.04.2011 at 09:36  
Rating: 10 I Love The Angel Of Holocaust, best power metal album
Bad English - 28.01.2012 at 02:02  
Rating: 10 I hope this is vocalist who was kick out because he sings bad...if we compare 1th n this 1th was better album, this was not bad, good, agresive, powerfull, good vocals, but this is Iced Earth Paul D Annio....if they would continue IE be in underground , even album is legacy and great still ...
ThunderAxe1989 - 06.05.2012 at 00:38  
  This is a great album! Honestly I think John Greely is a way better vocalist than Matt Barlow! Too bad he only did this one album with them.
sbgmetal - 03.06.2012 at 09:41  
Rating: 8 The one and only album i like from iced earth really wish they would have made more like this one
JÄY - 17.01.2013 at 07:15  
Rating: 10 An 8.6 for Jon's masterpiece?
chronic-headache - 25.07.2014 at 21:59  
  Greatest album of their career. Too bad Greely was a racist douche
Bad English - 20.02.2015 at 15:47  
Rating: 10
Written by deadone on 22.08.2014 at 07:53

Without a doubt one of the greatest heavy metal albums ever recorded.

we can argue, but its good one, Its different as others IE
Mountain King - 07.03.2015 at 15:18  
  I prefer the first one. More gloomy and intense...
Paw!! - 07.03.2015 at 18:22  
Rating: 8 Compared to this one. Without a doubt Burnt Offerings one of the greatest heavy metal albums ever recorded.
TrueMetalJope - 18.07.2016 at 14:52  
Rating: 10 Nothing bad to say about this except maybe that the guitar sound is lacking a bit balls. Other than that it's amazing thrash, amazing power. "Pure Evil" and "Travel in Stygian" are perfect examples of strong songs by this band. IMO Greely fits better on these faster thrashy songs and Barlow is better on slower songs and ballads.
tominator - 29.10.2016 at 16:45  
Rating: 7 Probably one of my least favourite IE albums. It's not bad, it just feels bland to me. After Angels Holocaust (which is excellent) it gets pretty bland. Only song I really like after it is Desert Rain (and maybe Travel In Stygian). But songs like Mystical End, Pure Evil and Reaching The End are just boring imo.

The guitars lack punch imo. Normally in an Iced Earth album the guitars sound powerful with nice riffs etc. In Night Of The Stormrider I don't have that feeling tbh. The riffs itself are way weaker than the ones you'll find on Burnt Offerings or The Dark Saga. They don't feel as powerful nor as special. Even an album that some people are not a fan of like Horror Show has way more memorable riffs and overall musicianship in it.

As for John Greely. Very good singer and overall I like his performance but if you compare it to the singers on the other albums like Matt, Tim and Stu, he simply doesn't sound as powerful.

Honestly imo Burnt Offerings and The Dark Saga are waaaaay better albums.
anathema_1977 - 29.10.2016 at 23:37  
Rating: 10 This is a classic in US power metal.
I grew up with this album.
Together with Burnt Offerings, it is my favourite IE album (while I slightly prefer BO), and they are both among my Top 20 all-time favourite Metal albums.
For me, there are no boring tracks here. Very consistent album.
While the highlights are certainly Angels holocaust, desert rain, pure evil, and travel in Stygian, I also like the rest.
I also like the album cover -- actually, both versions of it.
Production is maybe the only downside here.
That aside, perfect album.
Azarath - 30.10.2016 at 17:26  
Rating: 8 "A world of hate and malice... yes, that's the way it seems..."

This remains one of Iced Earth's best albums. Some of the later Barlow albums are as good, but none are better (and they're all better than Burnt Offerings). Greely does a very good job here and the bridge in "Desert Rain" is probably my favourite IE section.

"We shall rise and conquer, crushing all that's weak..."

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