Aut Mori - Pervaja Sleza Oseni

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Release date: 29 October 2012
Style: Gothic metal, Doom metal


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01. Pervaja Sleza Oseni
02. Moja Pesnja - Tishina
03. Nebo
04. Prowaj
05. Moj Vechnyj Dozhd'
06. Zhdi
07. Jelegija Bezmjatezhnosti
08. Na Scene Osen'

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Apparently the reviewer is a dumbass and his already ploxoi russian has only grown worse over the ensuing decade and change since school. He thought: Aut Mori is Russian for "From the sea." I assume this is meant in a naturalist poetic way as opposed to "from the growing sea of female fronted gothic-tinged acts." It doesn't mean that. It is apparently "Or Die" in Latin. I sucked at that, too.

published 12.03.2013 | Comments (18)

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