Dir En Grey - The Unraveling [EP]

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Release date: 3 April 2013
Style: Alternative metal


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Disc I
01. Unraveling
03. かすみ
05. Bottom Of The Death Valley
06. Unknown.Despair.Lost
07. The Final

Disc II [Limited edition CD]
01. Macabre
02. Unraveling [unplugged version]
03. The Final [unplugged version]

Disc III [Limited edition DVD]
01. The Unraveling (Scenes From Recording)

Kyo - vocals
Die - guitars
Kaoru - guitars
Shinya - drums
Toshiya - bass

Additional info
Produced by Dir En Frey.

Recording engineer: Akimori Kaizaki, Koji Maruyama.
Mixing & mastering engineer: Tue Madsen.
Assistant engineer: Hiromu Yasumoto (studio Sunshine).
Recording studio: studio Sunshine, On Air Okubo Studio.
Instrument: Kazutaka Minemori (Master Tone).
Drums producer: Kei Kashiyama.

Video production: unravel.
Video director: orange (unravel).
Camera operator: Atsushi Inoue (sun-krad), Toru Takabayashi (sun-krad).
Cast: Tue Madsen.
Interviewer: Nora Shazlin.

Video mastering engineer: Yasman (Bernie Grundman Mastering).
Video encoding & authoring engineer: Sawako Ryuko (Bernie Grundman Mastering).
Assistant engineer: Tsubasa Yamazaki.
Mastering & authoring studio: Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Art director & art designer: Koji Yoda (Rokushiki).
Work by Yasuyuki Nishio (courtesy of Yamamoto Gendai).
Photographer: Takashi Hirano.
Hair & make-up artist: Atsushi Yamaguchi (EKYQ).
Stylist: Akinori Yokozawa (AY Inc.).

Translation: Jewels.


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12.04.2013 - 16:38
Rating: 8
Very good release. The new song is one of the best they've ever written, the remasters are all very tastefully done and most of them are better than originals (though I have mixed feelings on THE FINAL.) The unplugged version of THE FINAL is mindblowing though. Definitely recommend this release.
01.06.2013 - 11:47
Rating: 8
Metal Addict
I agree. The new song is very nice and those new takes on their old numbers provide for an interesting listening experience (especially, Kasumi, which is one of my favourite songs). Sadly I don't have the second CD in my version so I can't tell how good are the unplugged versions. Bonus DVD is a little nice extra that not only lets you see the band working in the studio but also contains an interview with Tue Madsen, who worked on mixing and mastering this record.
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We are who we're afraid to be"
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