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Stryper - No More Hell To Pay

8.5 | 44 votes |
Release date: 1 November 2013
Style: Heavy metal


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01. Revelation
02. No More Hell To Pay
03. Saved By Love
04. Jesus Is Just Alright [The Art Reynolds Singers cover]
05. The One
06. Legacy
07. Marching Into Battle
08. Te Amo
09. Sticks & Stones
10. Water Into Wine
11. Sympathy
12. Renewed

Staff review by
R Lewis
I have to admit that I've never been into Christian metal, maybe because I thought its two components - Christianity and metal - incompatible or at least incongruous.

Oh, how much was I wrong?

published 28.12.2013 | Comments (10)

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19.05.2013 - 01:20
Rating: 10
From now awaited!!! They say it will be better than To Hell With The Devil (their most popular one, IMHO their best one is The Yellow And Black Attack!! with the 2 bonus)
13.11.2013 - 16:53
Rating: 9
Almost perfect
16.11.2013 - 05:44
Rating: 10
Their best one since To Hell With The Devil. Great production, bass & drums in great shape (Rob is the Human Metronome ^_^ ), and Michael ABUSES of his vocal chords at every step
18.11.2013 - 17:07
Nemo Atkins
Wow, huge amount of praise for Stryper here.

...Stuff it, I'll join in. This is the first Stryper album I have ever purchased (the second one was To Hell With The Devil: I ordered them at the same time, but only got To Hell With The Devil today) and, well, it's one of my favourite albums of 2013. No weak tracks, amazing vocals (seriously, even factoring in the possibility of multiple takes being needed, some of the notes Michael Sweet is hitting are ridiculously high from a guy who is 50 years old!), fantastic performances on all fronts (although I feel slightly disappointed that they didn't reach the speed of "The Way", which is one of my personal favourite Stryper tracks), great production...this album pretty much has everything I could ask for.

My only real point of criticism (aside from the very noticeable Christian lyrics, although more because I think they could afford to be a bit more subtle with it as opposed to having an issue with them because they are Christian...) is that the hooks of the songs don't seem to be particularly strong, but, as I've only had the record for a few days, it's likely that I've not let them sink in yet.

Genuinely would say that this is one of my surprises of the year.
20.11.2013 - 13:37
Rating: 9
The Shape 1973
Wow. Was not expecting that. I had heard the clips and was not overwhelmed, but when you hear the whole album it comes alive.

I loved their early stuff, especially THWTD, but lost interest after ATL. Apart from the covers and re-recorded album I'd not listened to their comeback material, but this is amazing stuff. I can't get the chorus' out of my head.

As other people have said, they are in their 50s and have just released possibly their heaviest and best album. Screaming guitars and screaming vocals. It may even top THWTD.

I know most metal fans write off anything overtly Christian, but please don't write this one off without listening to it. You will be missing out on possibly the classic metal album of the year.
Just because you believe in your strong morals it doesn't mean they are correct
01.12.2013 - 02:59
Rating: 10
Written by Nemo Atkins on 18.11.2013 at 17:07

although I feel slightly disappointed that they didn't reach the speed of "The Way"

Indeed, I would be happier with a song as The Way (altough Saved By Love is in some way a song in this style) or maybe with many double-bass drum like Rock The Hell Out Of You, but anyway this album is just amazing. I always think the worst when some band gets around saying "this album will be better than our most popular album" but this time I must say that in some way this one tops THWTD (well, in my particular case my favorite ever is The Yellow & Black Attack! with the 2 bonus tracks).

Written by The Shape 1973 on 20.11.2013 at 13:37

Apart from the covers and re-recorded album I'd not listened to their comeback material, but this is amazing stuff.

You didn't like Murder by Pride? IMO it was a very good album from them, got back the band at their roots (not as Reborn, that was so different, altough I like this one).

I just hope these guys will keep releasing more albums and the line-up will stand at last (not as on the early times, when always missed Rob or Tim at the albums' recording times).

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