Darktrance - Pessimum

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Release date: 11 March 2013
Style: Post-metal


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01. Anthem Of Melancholy
02. Soul Collectors
03. Pessimum
04. Day X
05. Evening Again
06. Fall Of The Emptiness
07. Disappointed Again
08. Whispers Of The City In Blood
09. Rejection
10. Hills Of Coma
11. Last

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I was initially put-off by Pessimum - yet another release that features my old nemesis, horribly overloud shouting vocals which rip your attention away from the music… And right off the bat at that!

Bracing myself for the rest of the work, my mindset was, well, pessimistic.

Ultimately I'm glad I persevered.

Darktrance is a one-man Ukrainian act. Deimos, when not busy being a Martian moon, is the brainchild here, as well as Dargos and Cold Resistance. Solitude tagged them as "dark metal"- and while I hate randomly spawning new genre tags, that one seems fair enough. Pessimum is not black enough to be black, not prog enough to really be prog (see also: Amiensus, whom I reviewed earlier this year) … the whole thing is somewhere in the middle but with a dark/negative vibe.

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