Release date: 31 March 2014
Style: Grindcore


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01. Teeth For Revenge
02. The Sentence Is Death
03. Jackals
04. Bomb Gripper
05. Global Furnace
06. Stillborn Nation
07. Unwelcome Methods
08. Death Rituals
09. Superstitious Disease
10. Barely Hominid
11. Sick With Hate
12. Entombed By Progress
13. Point Of No Return
14. Grey Planet
15. Chemical Lobotomy
16. Obliterated
17. Free To Suffer
18. Apathy Advocate
19. You Can't Disappear
20. Anger Inferno
21. Unwilling Martyrs
22. Only Ashes
23. Echoing Silence
24. Euhemerization [digital bonus]
25. Dogma [digital bonus]
26. Worship Nothing [digital bonus]
27. Pre-Emptive Bombardment [digital bonus]
28. Will To Submission [digital bonus]
29. Familicide [digital bonus]
30. Ignoring Fact [digital bonus]
31. Shitstorm [digital bonus]
32. Disgusted [digital bonus]
33. Assassinated [digital bonus]
34. Abandonment [digital bonus]


Edd Robinson - guitars, vocals
Sammy Urwin - drums, vocals
Andrew Morrish - bass

Additional info
Digital version includes This Septic Isle and The Persecuting Society as bonus tracks.

Staff review by
BoxCar Willy

Human Cull are a grindcore band who formed in 2007 in the United Kingdom (Insert tea and crumpets joke here). Since their conception, 7 years ago, the band has put out a few EP's and split albums; however Stillborn Nation is the band's first full length album. Clocking in at a marathon 25 (ish) minutes, the album is over before you even realize the damage it has done.

published 15.03.2014 | Comments (2)

Staff pick by
J. N.

16.04.2014 For all the peeps thinking Napalm Death died after 1987's Scum and 1988's From Enslavement To Obliteration: Human Cull are here to save the day.

Listen here.

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