Kampfar - Djevelmakt

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Release date: 27 January 2014
Style: Black metal, Folk metal


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01. Mylder
02. Kujon
03. Blod, Eder Og Galle
04. Swarm Norvegicus
05. Fortapelse
06. De Dødes Fane
07. Svarte Sjelers Salme
08. Our Hounds, Our Legion

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Early last year Djevelmakt hammered its way out of hell and into many folks' eager eardrums, demonstrating a certain fortitude and a staying power that has withstood the test of time not as a grand testament to jaw-dropping originality, but as a killer album with obvious intentions. No matter the number of spins, the sound simply refuses to wear thin. Revisitation is easy and always reaps melodic rewards as Kampfar's latest effort never falls, never fails and never falters. Consistency is key.

published 01.01.2015 | Comments (4)

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08.01.2014 - 15:14
Account deleted
Gotta admit, I've not really listened to Kampfar much. Not for about 6 or so years anyway. If this track is anything to go by this'll be worth checking out.

16.01.2014 - 10:16
Lord Dimitriy
This band has been playing an interesting combination of black and folk metal.. As for me I will gladly upload new album to check what they are going to prepare
22.01.2014 - 21:04
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Good album, just tryd it, since I am not huge fan and I dont remeber when last time I wAs listening full album, well thjis was interesting to hear
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Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

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29.01.2014 - 07:43
Good album. I really Kampfar's sound. It's melodic black metal without the cheesiness that might infer.
11.02.2014 - 13:45
Rating: 10
lord artan
It's a damn good album i like it....cold and bloody like always....like kampfar
18.03.2014 - 16:32
Rating: 8
Very nice album.
02.02.2015 - 19:54
Rating: 7
Stamp Tramp
The black metal influence is strong and makes this the darkest, most evil-sounding extreme folk album I have heard from 2014. The vocals are grim and harsh, the guitars utilizing the usual tremolo patterns reminiscent of flames forcing their way through from hell. The more atmospheric moments with subtle choirs and the like are particularly nice. I like it, and I like this album, but the lack of much new happening keeps it from rising the ranks in a meaningful way. Still, it is one of the better releases from the genre this past year and definitely worth a listen. I may even come back to this one again, which is more than I can say for a lot of the 2014 contenders. Enjoyability=8, Musicianship=7, Innovation=5.
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