Therion - Live In Midgård [Live]

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Release date: 2002
Style: Symphonic metal


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Disc I
01. Ginnungagap
02. Invocation Of Naamah
03. Birth Of Venus Illegitima
04. Enter Vril-Ya
05. Riders Of Theli
06. Symphony Of The Dead
07. A Black Rose
08. The Return
09. Baal Reginon
10. Flesh Of The Gods
11. Seawinds [Accept cover]
12. Schwarzalbenheim
13. In The Desert Of Set

Disc II
01. The Wings Of The Hydra
02. Asgard
03. The Secret Of The Runes
04. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
05. Summernight City [ABBA cover]
06. Beauty In Black
07. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
08. The Wine Of Aluqah
09. The Raven Of Dispersion
10. To Mega Therion
11. Cults Of The Shadow

Christofer Johnsson - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Kristian Niemann - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Johan Niemann - bass guitar
Sami Karppinen - drums
Sarah Jezebel Deva - soprano, lead vocals
Maria Ottoson - soprano
Johanna Mårlöv - alto
Anders Engberg - tenor, lead vocals
Petri Heino - baritone
Risto Hämäläinen - baritone

Additional info
Produced by Therion.
Recorded in South America and Europe on the Secret Of The Runes world tour during the autumn/winter 2001 and edited and mixed at Modern Art in Stockholm during the spring 2002 by Sam Carpenter.
Mastering: Tom Muller at TTM, Berlin.
Pictures taken by Rafael Sasso, Axel Heyder & Gunnar Sauermann.
Cover by Axel Jusseit & Thomas Ewerhard.
Layout by Thomas Ewerhard.
The road crew:
Schlanky - Tour manager South America and Mexico.
Richard Peach - Sound engineer South America and Mexico.
Wolfgang Schernhammer - Sound engineer Europe
Martin Muller - Light engineer South America and Mexico.
Chris Parschau - Light engineer Europe.
Kevin Papsworth - Guitar and bass tech. worldwide.
Paul 'Asti' Bond - Guitar and bass tech. Europe.
Mark 'Gus' Guy - Drum tech. Europe.

Staff review by
Demonic Tutor
Question: after the mesmerizing Secret of the Runes, what could be better? Answer: a double live album!! For those who still haven't heard about Therion , I just can describe their music as a delicious mix of old-school thrash metal and the most amazing symphonic parts ever. They're using true choirs and orchestras to make their music perfect, and it works! Unlike most live albums, Live in Midgard is in fact a compilation of several concerts across the world. And honestly, if you fear too much sound difference between the tracks, it's that you don't know how much of a perfectionist Christofer Johnsson is. Seeing the extended tracklist, you can ask yourself: "How could this album be as good as Secret of the Runes?" . Here comes the answer.

published 20.10.2003 | Comments (2)

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