Kamelot - Where I Reign - Very Best Of The Noise Years [Compilation]

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Release date: 13 May 2016
Style: Symphonic power metal


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Disc I
01. Eternity
02. Black Tower
03. Call Of The Sea
04. The Gleeman
05. Ascension
06. Heaven
07. Rise Again
08. Creation
09. Millennium
10. Expedition
11. Where I Reign
12. Rhydin

Disc II
01. New Alleigance
02. The Fourth Legacy
03. Desert Reign
04. Nights Of Arabia
05. Until Kingdom Come
06. We Three Kings
07. We Are Not Seperate
08. Wings Of Despair
09. The Spell
10. Karma
11. Center Of The Universe
12. The Edge Of Paradise
13. Descent Of The Archangel
14. III Ways To Epica


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22.05.2016 - 06:52
Why does it stops at the album Epica
22.05.2016 - 19:24
Kallis Helmi
Written by JokerPW on 22.05.2016 at 06:52

Why does it stops at the album Epica

"Very Best Of The Noise Years" so the albums released at Noise Records. But where are Forever and Farewell?
"Now I'm leaving my worries behind
Feel the freedom of body and mind
I am starting my journey, I'm drifting away with the wind
I go"
23.05.2016 - 14:45
Not nearly enough Karma tracks on this compilation. Somehow Dominion and Fourth Legacy ended up with 5 tracks while Karma (one of Kamelots all time best albums) ended up with only 3. At least Epica has 4 but even that is too few for how much better it is compared to the other albums.

On the other hand, if I were buying a compilation I'd rather the best tracks from the albums that are hard to get or not well liked. Both Karma and Epica should be listened separately and in its entirety!
25.05.2016 - 01:55
If only I could tolerate the guy's voice on Disc 1 without giggling...
31.05.2016 - 00:32
Rating: 9
Written by furyandtitans on 25.05.2016 at 01:55

If only I could tolerate the guy's voice on Disc 1 without giggling...

Still better than most of others I guess
24.09.2020 - 07:50
Nice collection especially for those who aren't familiar with the early years of Kamelot. To not include Forever is probably the most weird choice and it would have been nice to have something rare added to make this album worth getting for those who already have it all. I bought it for 6 which I think is a fair price.
And what do you call assassins who accuse assassins anyway, my friend?

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