Body Count - Bloodlust

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Release date: 31 March 2017
Style: Crossover thrash metal


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01. Civil War [feat. Dave Mustaine]
02. The Ski Mask Way
03. This Is Why We Ride
04. All Love Is Lost [feat. Max Cavalera]
05. Raining In Blood / Postmortem 2017 [Slayer cover]
06. God, Please Believe Me
07. Walk With Me… [feat. Randy Blythe]
08. Here I Go Again
09. No Lives Matter
10. Bloodlust
11. Black Hoodie

Tracy Lauren Marrow - vocals
Ernie Cunnigan - guitars
Juan Garcia - guitars
Will Dorsey Jr. - drums
Vincent Price - bass
Sean E Sean - sampler, backing vocals
Tracy Marrow Jr - backing vocals

Additional musicians:
David Randall "Randy" Blythe - vocals
David Scott "Dave" Mustaine - guitars, voice
Max Cavalera - vocals
Jackie Kajzer - additional vocals
Jason Charles Miller - additional vocals

Additional info
Produced by Will Putney and Body Count.

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Body Count is in the house.

published 22.04.2017 | Comments (13)

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14.02.2017 - 21:33
Dave FC
If this album is as good as their previous it's worth a listen. Raining Blood / Postmortem and Mustaine, Cavalera and Blythe!
03.04.2017 - 20:07
Rating: 9
Just gave this album a full listen last night. Totally worth checking out. In an age where people don't take personal responsibility and blame everyone else for their own actions, it's nice to listen to an album with an actual message, insisting that people get their stuff together. Ice T says it like it is, and definitely talks some smack about the mainstream societal illness out there. The riffs are heavy, the guest spots are fun, each song has a message and I really like that it's not the typical comeback album made for the sake of cashing in. This is real stuff, reminds me of punk lyrics of days past. Made my night to hear this one. Check it out.
07.04.2017 - 15:33
Rating: 7
Burning inside
A solid album, No Lives Matter is really worth listening to.
13.04.2017 - 18:29
Rating: 5
Jope of Steele
Not quite my cup of tea songs—I mean, This Is Why We Ride, Walk With Me and Slayer cover are alright, but an average song here does nothing for me —IMO this needs more thrash & speed like the previous album.
Freedom is a state of mind-not freedom from something but a sense of freedom, a freedom to doubt and question all and therefore so intense, active and vigorous that it throws away every form of dependence, slavery, conformity and acceptance-J Krishnamurti
21.04.2017 - 09:24
Rating: 9
This is a solid record. Its really good.
28.04.2017 - 10:27
Rating: 9
Not bad I like it. I'm going to check out some more stuff.
28.04.2017 - 13:59
Rating: 8
A surprise. I heard all their previous material. While 2 first albums were pretty good, the band sank ever since. This album is their heaviest, unflattering yet accessible. Definitely a buy for me.
Favorite track - "Walk With Me�". Others worth trying: This Is Why We Ride, No Lives Matter.
28.05.2017 - 00:27
Rating: 9
This is why we ride feels like a P.O.D. street anthem!

the whole album is one you can bounce to and roll with while being reminded and understanding of certain problems in society. Ice-T is also smart and articulate enough to showcase that the issues aren't the typical black rapper/singer saying the "world hates blacks, police hate blacks, america hates blacks." but he shares and preaches in this album that its about the POOR vs the STATE. and more importantly is calling for american and world unity to fight against the oppression of the state. this album is amazing because of the message tone and power behind it. most metal bands in their late 40's or 50's put out pale shadow albums of their past prowess and raw angst and aggression while Ice-T is pushing 60 and is still laying it down raw, visceral and with a driven purpose. only reason it isn't a 10/10 for me is because the production feels a tad at times like it needs a slight remastery like many thrash metal albums can if not being carefully constructed in some metallica price level studio. amazing record
29.05.2017 - 17:39
Rating: 7
Their best album by FAR! Finally they don't suck. Unfortunately, the Slayer cover is the best song (not reaching up to the original).
06.06.2017 - 03:18
Rating: 8
Ace Frawley
The Spaceman
Enjoying this. Very good album for me.
The sun shines over The Fool...

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