Almyrkvi - Umbra

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Release date: 24 November 2017
Style: Black metal


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01. Vaporous Flame
02. Forlorn Astral Ruins
03. Severed Pillars Of Life
04. Stellar Wind Of The Dying Star
05. Cimmerian Flame
06. Fading Hearts Of Umbral Nebulas

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Iceland. For a time there were several hints suggesting that this tiny Arctic island of fjords and volcanoes was about to host the next major black metal explosion. Now those hints seem closer to reality than to any sort of word of mouth whispers.

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21.10.2017 - 01:35
Nihil's Maw
Oh hey, this is a thing. Hopefully they add more substance to the tracks, 'cause their first album had a great sound, it was just lacking in the fact that the songs didn't do much.

EDIT: I listened to the EP again recently because of this announcement and it may have been somewhat better than I had previously thought.
21.10.2017 - 20:14
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
The EP was great, so I'm glad to see that they're quickly following it up with a full length.

get that bag
01.11.2017 - 01:32
Whooo boy, just finished my third go at the promo I got and all I can say is that if you enjoyed the EP you're gonna be one happy sonuvabitch with this one
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26.11.2017 - 13:48
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Weirdest BM I hear, some atmosphere, some DM, some mixtures of all elements and genres. Weird album
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Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

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10.02.2018 - 22:18
Rating: 9
proofread free
So good, so fucking good. I still prefer the new Endalok but only really slightly.
He who is not bold enough
to be stared at from across the abyss
is not bold enough
to stare into it himself.
14.09.2018 - 13:30
Rating: 9
They take you into a real dark atmosphere and when you finish the album it becomes really hard to come back to reality. excellent work! I also want to mention that they feel more like atmo dm rather than bm. especially vocals remind me evoken here and there. anyways lets do no genre bullshit. the music is intense and great!
06.06.2020 - 22:54
Rating: 10
This is something that should be heard by anyone who understands music! Just smashing music and atmosphere. I only felt this when I heard the sound of Evoken and The ruins of Beverast. A total thing!
31.07.2020 - 17:55
Boring as hell Ruins Of Beverast worship with the occasional forced high pitch synth to space people out and think that was deep, it's such a shit cop-out. They did, however, step up a notch on the Ruins split but Ruins were just making an autopiloted churn out 'effort'.

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