Anaal Nathrakh - A New Kind Of Horror

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Release date: 28 September 2018
Style: Black metal, Grindcore


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01. The Road To…
02. Obscene As Cancer
03. The Reek Of Fear
04. Forward!
05. New Bethlehem/Mass Death Futures
06. The Apocalypse Is About You!
07. Vi Coactus
08. Mother Of Satan
09. The Horrid Strife
10. Are We Fit For Glory Yet? (The War To End Nothing)

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Label: Metal Blade Records

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Anaal Nathrakh's A New-ish Kind Of Horror comes from the same family as The Whole Of The Law and Desideratum: the traditional cesspit of black metal, grindcore, and industrial metal broken up by clean choruses, now littered with electronics, groove, and other increasingly disparate elements. The duo hasn't yet gone full-bore into this more avant-garde side yet, but the metal side remains wicked.

published 11.11.2018 | Comments (9)

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20.05.2018 - 05:29
Ugwemubwem Ossas
China was a neat
20.05.2018 - 06:55
Rating: 6
This might be awesome.
20.05.2018 - 12:20
Rating: 9
Hell yeah!!!
And I see the blade fall down upon the head of lord in heaven
And Darkness falls upon the end of history
While I drink the milk of the Black Goddess and cry over the mankind

Black Moses is my name...
15.06.2018 - 06:19
Ah, September, still so far away...
18.07.2018 - 07:18
Ugwemubwem Ossas
China was a neat
First track sounds really good. This might be one of their best in a long time.

18.07.2018 - 12:24
Hmm, my opinion of that track is very much the opposite. That sounds like some kind of hamfisted industrial nu metal to me.
31.08.2018 - 20:33
Ugwemubwem Ossas
China was a neat
New new song.

21.09.2018 - 18:21
Rating: 6
Soon guys, soon!
26.09.2018 - 22:38
Rating: 6
New track:

28.09.2018 - 23:54
Rating: 9
Way better than I thought.
This album is brutal!
30.09.2018 - 11:48
Rating: 6
I guess their winning streak had to end at one point or another. The bland, near-metalcore riffing makes the the harsher elements sound weak and uninspired and the would-be hooks closer to cheesy than epic (I'm looking at you, track 8). Like they laid the groundwork and then forgot to add melodies and pads, making the better parts ("New Bethlehem" is a great song no doubt) overshadowed by long stretches of mindless chugging...

Damn, I was really hoping they would go further down the electronic path, those little glitch/industrial additions just fit perfectly on previous albums, but instead they are treading water and losing steam. They seem to be getting great reviews though so must have done something right but I don't get it...

Some of their later albums have been, well, less stellar than others, but still managed to keep it interesting by adding new elements to the mix (see above) or exploring vocal styles (e.g. "Tod Heutet Uebel", "Extravaganza"). This album sadly plays too safe and no machine gun sample in the world could save it.
03.10.2018 - 23:56
Rating: 9
One of my favorite releases this year. Checking out their back catalog. I enjoyed Whole of the Law as well. These guys just don't sound like anyone else. It's a short album, but that's appreciated considering many bands regularly surpass the 60 minute mark, making it hard to digest the whole think in one sitting. This is just the opposite, I can put it on and it's over before you know it.
04.10.2018 - 09:21
Was meh at first but it started growing on me.
None above. None equal.
10.10.2018 - 17:21
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
Probably their worst album, though there are definitely still a few enjoyable tracks scattered about
11.10.2018 - 02:25
Baz Anderson
I actually really like this album, which surprised me a little after getting a bit bored with the few previous ones. I didn't really find the modern elements obnoxious here, and "Mother Of Satan" is like something from Codex Necro ... brilliant.
15.10.2018 - 15:40
Rating: 7
Being a huge fan, I have to say...this is probably the most boring album they've produced.
World won't end today - it's already tomorrow in Australia.

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