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Country: Iceland
Label: Mystískaos

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Formed in: 2011

2011- Black metal
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2011-  M. - guitars
2011-  A.F. - vocals
2011-  I. - guitars, drums
2016-  G. - bass
2016-  Jón - drums
2016-  Sveinn Alxander Sveinsson - vocals

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The Mystískaos collective released three albums on the 6th of June, when they pretty much officially took over what was left of Fallen Empire Records. One was the eagerly awaited Wormlust/Skáphe collab, Kosmískur Hryllingur (review here). The other was an LP re-release of Délirant's self-titled debut (review here). More enigmatic than the ones named so far were Icelandic group Andavald, whose Undir Skyggðarhaldi is the toughest listen of the bunch.   Review by RaduP ››

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