Temple Koludra


2010-  M:W - all instruments, vocals
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2010-2015  I:H - vocals
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2019  M:G - vocals
2019  P:W - drums

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Despite the fact that Temple Koludra's mastermind, M:W, prefers to call his project a collective, this debut is mainly a solo work, with some vocals performed by M:G and featuring drum contributions by P:W, who is rumoured to be a black metal veteran but, just like everyone involved, his/her identity is a mystery. To be blunt, I normally don't bother with bands that have a desire to hide the musicians' identity because, more often than not, I find this tendency to be a pretentious effort to merely add a touch of enigma to underwhelming music. However, exceptions do occur and, oh boy, is this such an exception!   Review by nikarg ››

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