Dies Ater

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Country: Germany
Labels: Last Episode
Obscure Abhorrence Productions

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Formed in: 1994
Broke up: 2009-2010
Disbanded in: 2014

1994-2014 Black metal


1994-2014  "Nuntius Tristis" - guitars, vocals
1994-2014  "Torgrim" - guitars, vocals
1994-2014  Eugen "Impurus" H. - drums
1997-2014  Ole Caust - keyboards
2010-2014  Johannes Trosch - bass
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1994-2003  "Obskur" - bass
1996-1998  Johanna Platow Sadonis - vocals
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2003-2009  Andreas "Andy" Hofmann - guitars

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Dies Ater is one of those Symphonic Black Metal bands from Germany that overpopulate a genre that is so crowded that doesn't have much room for originality.
Now I'll correct myself, Dies Ater was one of those bands, because after some line up...   Review by Undercraft ››


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