Veni Domine

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Also known as Glorify, Seventh Seal

Country: Sweden
Label: MCM Music

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Formed in: 1987
Disbanded in: 2014

1987-1994 Doom metal
1987-2014 Progressive metal


1987-2014  Fredrik Ohlsson - vocals
1987-2014  Torbjörn Weinesjö - guitars
1987-2014  Thomas Weinesjö - drums
2010-2014  Klas Pettersson - bass
2011-2014  Olov Andersson - keyboards
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1987  Anders Olofsson - bass
1987-1995  Magnus Thorman - bass
1994  Mats Lidbrandt - keyboards
1998  Mattias Cederlund - keyboards
1998-2008  Gabriel Ingemarson - bass
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I know some peoples are very sensitive when it comes to religion, but I can assure you that even if you're not into religion, you can find joy in this release.
And if you wondered, I'm not into religion either, I'm an atheist, but I won't...   Review by Malcolm ››


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